I had made a good connection when the person sitting across from the table said her goal is to “keep people moving safely at home.” 

The speaker was Caitlyn Adams. She’s a yoga instructor and the owner of Energy Healing with Caitlyn, a company that focuses on helping seniors to get age-appropriate physical activity. Her objective aligns so closely with the aims of Ovation Home Care, I just had to know more. And Caitlyn did not disappoint.

“The yoga I teach is not crazy pretzel things,” she told me. I had to smile because crazy pretzel things are exactly what yoga novices like myself immediately picture in their mind’s eye.

She went on to explain that some kinds of yoga have people on their hands and knees on a mat. With chair yoga, the practitioner uses the chair for stability during balancing poses. Her love of teaching shone through as she patiently described  what she does and how it can benefit seniors. 

One thing that never occurred to me was that people choose yoga with certain goals in mind. The goals of her students, generally in their 60s and 70s, are far different from a 20-something. 

“My students want to be able to get in and out of a car easier,” she said. “Some are simply trying to avoid a fall.”

As it turns out, yoga is more than just stretching. It’s breathing and meditation, all of which has a positive effect on your wellbeing. 

If her depiction of yoga appeals to you but you’re concerned about being around others (especially given the current surge in COVID cases), not to worry. She offers online classes as well as in-person classes. Learn all about what she offers when you visit her website.