Diet and Kidney Health

As we pay special attention to our kidneys during March, National Kidney Month, we thought we’d share some information about how what we eat can affect the health of our kidneys. Click or tap the image below to read more.

Heart Health for Seniors

February is a month when we call special attention to the heart—that muscle that keeps us living and breathing and enjoying life. So here at the start of the month, we’d like to share this useful information about heart health for seniors.  

Yoga Awareness Month

 I had made a good connection when the person sitting across from the table said her goal is to “keep people moving safely at home.”  The speaker was Caitlyn Adams. She’s a yoga instructor and the owner of Energy Healing with Caitlyn, a company that focuses on helping...

The Significance Of Today

For Americans, 9/11 holds a special meaning.  If you’re old enough, you remember where you were when you first heard or read the rumors about a plane flying into the twin towers. It was an awful day and the beginning of a national nightmare, the trauma of which still...