Loneliness In The Age Of COVID-19

It’s a Catch-22.

Residents of long-term care facilities need to be isolated to reduce the risk of exposure to SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. After all, the elderly have borne the brunt of mortality associated with this pandemic. But in the wake of trying to protect them, many are languishing, sparking waves of anxiety in their loved ones, who remain unable to visit them.

Loneliness is bad for you. That much is sure. And it’s one of the things that a good home care service provision plan should address. After all, regular, meaningful interaction is one of the key benefits of choosing home care for an aging loved one who needs assistance at home, especially someone alone.

Read the attached overview* regarding the effects of loneliness on mental health.

Loneliness Flyer


*Provided by our home care technology partner, ClearCare.