Brent Pope and his wife Teri Pope, the two proprietors of Ovation Home Care, are absolutely outstanding, professional, kind, and understanding people.

My mom of 91 years had shoulder replacement surgery several months back. We looked high and low to find a home care business that would work with us, but we were turned down by almost ALL because they wanted money upfront. Brent and Teri came directly to my mom’s retirement facility and sat with us for a great length of time explaining every single detail as to what sort of home care she needed. They were incredibly detailed, extremely friendly, very very knowledgeable, and created a therapy regimen which worked out most excellent for my mom’s recovery from her surgery.

The two different aids that were dispatched to my mom were absolutely incredible, as well. They were kind, helpful, understanding, very professional, and very friendly. In addition, they help my mom enormously over a period of several months to recover from her surgery. Absolutely incredible people!

No matter where you may look, I don’t think you will find a better place than Ovation Home Care. We couldn’t be more satisfied with their services, their communication, their willingness to work with us and our insurance company, and their concerns by checking in with us frequently to make sure that we are satisfied in every way imaginable! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ovation Home Care services to anyone in need of their services. It is very rare today to find two people like Brent and Teri to be so deeply concerned about their clients and the administration of some of their most excellent home care that anybody could ever ask for. DEFINITELY give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!!!


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