We interrupt our regularly scheduled thematic blog content (for February heart month and love, etc.) to bring you this important message about foot health.

Seriously, we don’t think about our feet a lot until they start causing us problems. But there are things you should know so you can take good care of your feet. That’s the message of this downloadable pdf from our care management platform partner, ClearCare. 

And since March and spring are just around the corner, I’d like to recommend a company that can help you gear up for walking season. Suda’s Fit Foot is a mobile shoe service that will bring premium athletic footwear to you wherever you are. That means you can avoid retail outlets or any other densely visited places while the COVID19 pandemic is ongoing. Check out their website or give them a call at 617-877-1861. (NOTE: Ovation Home Care does not receive any compensation for this promotion. We genuinely believe Betsy Suda can help you get footwear that can help improve your quality of life.)

Click to download Foot Health PDF

Foot Health