August is Summer Sun Safety Month—and boy oh boy, is it ever hot!

So we’re going to keep all our blog content for this month centered around the heat and the sun and summer and seniors…starting with some trivia and engagement activities related to THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER.

Dog Days

Many people believe the dog days of summer are a reference to the unbearable heat. “This weather ain’t fit fer a dog,” you might say. But actually, it’s an astronomical reference. You see, at this time of the year, our sun occupies roughly the same area of the sky occupied by the brightest you can see from any part of the earth, Sirius—also known as Canis Major. If the word “Canis” looks familiar, it’s because that’s the latin root for canine. The dog days officially last from July 3 to August 11.


Dogs make great pets. (There’s a reason they say dog is man’s best friend!) So if there’s an aging senior in your life and you’re trying to beat the heat, why not reminisce about the pets they’ve owned. What was the first pet they remember? How did they come to have that pet? Are there any funny stories about that pet? Which was their favorite pet and why? If you’d like, get some colored pencils and paper so you can draw a favorite pet the way you remember them.



If the senior in your life misses their dog, why not make a puppy like the one in this photo. This easy-to-do craft requires only washcloths, rubber bands, pompoms, felt, and ribbons. Learn how to do it at A Girl Called Kim blog.


Corny Jokes

Here are a few corny jokes you can tell:


Q: What kind of dog is Dracula’s favorite?

A: A bloodhound.


Q: What do you call a dog that doesn’t bark?

A: A hushpuppy.


The other day, it was raining cats and dogs. In fact, when I went outside, I stepped in a poodle.


Q: What’s the one shopping area you should never take your dog?

A: The flea market.


Q: Why kind of vegetable do you get when you cross a sheepdog with a rose?

A: A collie-flower.

To read more of these groaners, visit the Parade website.